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IT Consulting

License Advisory & Advocacy Services that provide software licensing knowledge for mid-to-large size enterprises having software portfolios such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Adobe, and VMWare. Benefits include but not limited to reduced spend, risks mitigation, increased awareness & transparency. We complement the Procurement and IT Team by enabling them with price benchmarking, in-depth Licensing Knowledge, negotiation strategy & workload assessment.


Atyaf eSolutions provide you with the best IT Talent in the market whenever you need them- it’s that simple! Atyaf eSolutions provides Software Testers, Quality Assurance Professionals, Software Developers, App & Web Developers, Information Security Consultants, IT Governance and Compliance Managers, Penetration Testers, Risk Management Professionals, Scrum Project Managers, IT PMO Managers, IT Help Desk staff and any IT related required staff.

Cloud App Dev. & Services
We help enterprises to quickly build cloud applications and deliver microservices. We offer end to end application development and integration, testing, API and Microservices development and DevOps services. At Atyaf eSolutions we enable our customers to utilize the power of various SAAS offerings to enable their business. With the fast deployment of SAAS solutions to the customers, the enterprises can rapidly adapt the latest and innovative software without investing on the infrastructure.
Cloud Support, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Atyaf eSolutions guide you in defining your cloud transformation journey. We help you identify the right cloud partner and enable the cloud services for your enterprise. We will help you to plan, build and manage your infrastructure in your favorite cloud platforms

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