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In Oil & Gas industry, AR and VR are used in a wide variety of settings, including training, maintenance, and planning. In the oil and gas industry, AR headsets that clip onto hard hats can project hands-free instructions a technician needs onto equipment to conduct an inspection or maintain a system. Accurate AR animations significantly boost efficiency and reduce errors and uncertainty by showing the necessary steps, tools, and parts. They can also provide checklists and sensor data and can visually demonstrate which parts to adjust, remove or replace. Instead of being dependent on manuals, AR enables this information to be delivered graphically, where and when it is needed.
Energy and Utilities Industries have been managing with the challenges of climatic and social crisis, price instability, political uncertainty, unknown consumer behavior, strict regulatory inspection and many more. However, some new areas of concern reside around cyber-attacks, digital transformation and supplier disruption. Our solutions offers energy and utilities sector to keep up with the dynamic operational and regulatory environment. Our solution updates various GRC activities and processes.
Migration to the cloud – Atyaf helps oil and gas enterprises migrate legacy infrastructure, data and applications to the cloud. Our cloud ecosystem enables maximum availability and superior performance across the oil and gas value chain.Ensure resilient IT operations – Atyaf adopts a data-first approach to operational excellence. We safeguard oil and gas assets with holistic cybersecurity solutions and exception-based alarm systems.
Atyaf understand the complexity in Oil & Gas sector and provides solutions for both upstream and downstream businesses. Our domain-rich experience and capabilities in digital transformation, IoT, automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence help unlock value for organizations in their transformation journey. Our outsourcing services offers committed output on not just IT SLAs and KPIs but also on the key indicators that drive Oil &Gas companies.

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