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Our latest innovation and IP in form of SNIP-X is one of its first kinds of Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) platform completely build on the SaaS model. The theme of SNIP-X is, our platform helps different industries & businesses to cut down “Human Inefficiencies, Errors, Cost associated with Training”. SNIP-X also acts as a tool for one of the fastest ways of knowledge transfer and digitally transforms our customer’s eco-system to achieve an edge over their competition. The idea is inspired by the top Metaverse influencers and industry leaders re-defining the concept of Human 2.0 which explains “bridging the gap between man & machine” through “Extended Reality (XR), Automation and Industry 4.0 initiatives”.


Atyaf eSolutions aims at materializing the stated concepts thought through use-cases and background work executed by consulting teams for the organization.Implementation umbrella covers a wide range of services starting from use-case focused MVP (minimum viable product) development, use-case pilots to kick-start AI journey for an organization in the real world to full production-grade AI projects roll out.


Atyaf eSolutions help some of the largest enterprises, government entities and industry consortiums ideate their blockchain business cases. We cut through the fluff and demystify your business challenges through the right use of blockchain technology. At Atyaf eSolutions, we work with some of the agilest government and private sector organizations on the planet. To help prepare entities for a decentralized future our experts are actively building use cases across Government, Real Estate, Health Care, Telecommunication, Ports & Logistics, Customs, Agriculture, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Education, Taxation, Law Enforcement, Power Distribution, and many more sectors.


Atyaf eSolutions’ multiple CHATBOT implementations position us at the edge of the competition curve in the industry. AI-powered chatbots will give you the leap you want for your marketing activities. From customer reach to engagement, to personalized messages and promotions; the sky is the limit when it comes to the advantages chatbots bring to your marketing efforts.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Atyaf eSolutions RPA consulting services offer a unique combination of required and necessary attributes which any organization shall need to kick start its automation journey. Our multi-decade experience of delivering homegrown software products has understood that new technology must be adopted with a structured approach to ensure a calculated and scalable adoption mechanism. Our RPA Implementation services offer organizations an agnostic approach towards materializing the embracement of automation. Avanza with its wide exposure to multiple RPA frameworks such as UiPath, Blueprism, Automation anywhere, Workfusion, Kofax can offer organizations with choice of most suited technology as per the environment dynamics. While Avanza consulting services help organizations in the selection of the right technology, implementation teams are ready to execute the same for the organization.

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