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Our strong BFSI consulting and solution practice enables banks and financial institutions to engage with their customers in a new and exciting way. With our tailored and customer-centric approach, we help our clients by taking the overall customer experience to a next level. Aligning our self with future banking themes, we offer scalable digital banking services, new cutting-edge technologies, manage and execute strategic initiatives and create innovative delivery models.
With GRC Solutions, insurance companies can accelerate their digital transformation journey by aligning the elements of governance, risk, and compliance to mitigate risks, strengthen regulatory compliance, improve the cyber security posture, and resolve issues swiftly. Our risk management portfolio helps our clients to mitigate the turbulence caused due to snowballing effect which is getting common due to the convergence of traditional insurance companies and InsurTech firms in the wave of Digital transformation which leads to faster, better and, more effective ways of working but at the same time raises a flag on overall risk element. We also help our clients to mitigate risks related to cybersecurity, operations, and third-party is not only evolving but also leading to strict regulatory measures across the globe.
Our retail banking solution portfolio offers Lending and Leasing, Cards and Payments, Asset and Wealth Management, Investment Banks, Stock Exchanges and Life / General Insurances, Atyaf helps in directing the winds of these changes in the right direction by providing immense opportunities for offering better products, services, and a superior customer experience.
Atyaf is helping banking consortiums and regulators achieve the common goal of achieving across the board compliance, monitoring and regulation through smart use of technology. Our national-scale platforms in the areas of KYC, Anti-TBML, Trade Finance, and Digital Artefact exchange are helping regulators standardize, regulate and monitor banking relationships and transactions in a non-intrusive manner, thereby also deriving priceless insights from accumulative national data sets. On the other hand, these platforms provide banks with a technology-enabled safety net to grow their businesses while mitigating their default and fraud risks.

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