Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution

Today retailers and businesses are under tremendous pressure to plan their digital investments more strategically to strike a better ROIs structure to impact the top line. Areas like lead generation, campaigns, eCommerce, Organizational effectiveness, business leaders anticipate better ROI by exploiting customer data intelligence to trigger differentiated customer experiences.


Leveraging customer data to drive rich, extremely tailored experiences across conventional and contemporary (voice, in-store, phone) touchpoints

Customer Intelligence and Data Platforms

Emerging customer intelligence including the development of customer data platforms. Ingestion and calibration of data sources and powering tailored experiences with rich customer data.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Empower businesses to redefine the smart supply chains for the digital world. Embarking on modern cloud technologies, AI/ML, and analytics to get up and go superior fulfillment experiences for customers providing better agility and flexibility while enhancing supply chain costs to improve profitability.

Platform Modernization

Renovate the technology ecosystem with a modern public cloud platform (AWS and Azure). Mitigating risk around legacy infrastructure and associated costs that helps our clients to cross the chasm achieving excellence in security enhancements, platform, and workflow optimization, as well as an exponential productivity boost.

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