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Who We Are

Who We Are

Atyaf eSolutions, one of the first IT companies for the Kingdom of Bahrain, transforming businesses, lives, and customer journeys since 1995. From a conventional IT player to an emerging tech solution provider, Atyaf eSolutions has taken a leap-frog jump by expanding its portfolios from Web/Mobile/Apps development to AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud, and Augmented-Virtual-Mixed Reality-based integrated solutions. The company has crossed the chasm and grown from local to global standards, addressing customer’s needs and clientele spread across the globe.

Over the years, the company has repositioned itself in the competition curve by securing a strong position as SaaS-based platform development providers for different industries, businesses, and communities.

Our latest addition in the portfolio in form 2 new IPs are as follows:

  • SNIP-X is one of its first kinds of AR|VR|MR platform completely build on SaaS model. The theme of SNIP-X is, our platform helps different industries & businesses to cut down “Human Inefficiencies, Errors, Cost associated with Training”.

    SNIP-X also act as a tool for one of the fastest ways of knowledge transfer and digitally transform our customer’s eco-system to achieve an edge over their competition.

    The idea is inspired from the top Metaverse influencers and industry leaders re-defining the concept of Human 2.0 which explains “bridging the gap between man & machine” through “Extended Reality (XR), Automation and Industry 4.0 initiatives”.

  • UR – One of the region’s first dedicated e-marketplace for small retailers, high-street shopkeepers, vendors, sellers, dealers, and distribution networks to connect them under the one roof of the booming e-commerce industry.

    UR helps businesses to migrate quickly from brick & mortar model to digital presence thus boosting their income, business footprint, and simultaneously contributing toward nation’s digital economy.

  • Ra’edat – Ra’edat is a new age ecosystem designed to promote interaction and ideation among Arab Women in the digital arena. It empowers them through a comprehensive selection of online communities aimed at socio-economic development. The platform addresses different subjects chosen according to the concerns, interests, and needs of the Arabic Woman globally. Ra’edat is a new and first-of-its-kind online community initiative geared towards Middle-Eastern women, particularly focusing on Generations X, Y and Millennials.

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