School Information Management S​ystem has rich features that cover all the basic and advanced administrative requirements of any educational institution, such as managing student admission and related information, students activities, exam management, attendance management, full staff management, full schools assets management and much more.

Main Features

  • School Information Management System - Class

    Class transforms regular classes to interactive classes that facilitate communication between student and teacher.

  • School Information Management System - Mobile

    Mobile enables students and parents to stay in-touch with the school’s academic and extra- extracurricular activities anytime anywhere.

  • School Information Management System - Portal

    Portal enables students and parents to be engaged in the school’s daily activities.

  • School Information Management System - School

    School enables school to manage school’s every aspect including profile, buildings, rooms, assets, library, and facilities.

  • School Information Management System - Staff

    Staff enables schools to manage all staff related information including staff profile, subject assignment, attendances, staff assigned tasks, in addition to multi-school teachers, substitute teachers, and staff transfers.

  • School Information Management System - Student

    Student enables schools to manage all students related information, including profile, academic progress, gradebook, attendance, health information, and students’ accounting.


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