Using a single wrapper for integrating all your payment gateways offer your customers with a single view of all transactions and its status from one single place. In case of disconnected transactions, ePay.Net gives the administrator with the necessary information to contact the bank and update the transaction status based on the bank feedback.

Main Features

  • Payment Details Report
  • Invoice Payment
  • View Selected Payment Details
  • Easy Integrate Web Applications
  • Integrate Web Applications:

    The ePay.Net Version can be integrated to any type of applications such as java, php, .net etc.

    Our Web Development Services

    ePay.Net offers various reports that can help administrators to know about the payments happening through the portal. The following are the reports available in ePay.Net

  • Today's payments
  • Payments for this month
  • Payment Details Report
  • Payment for last seven days
  • Payment for this year
  • Dashboard
  • Award winning product

    ePay product won the GITEX - Bahrain Tech awards for the year 2019.

    Atyaf eSolutions' "" received the Best Bahrain Tech Award conducted by Bahrain ICT Companies in the GITEX 2019 Dubai. is the best payment solutions available in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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