AWS training Session

17 Apr, 2019

Al Nadeem hosts and attends a 3 day training course which focus on Big Data and AWS. AWS offers a number of in-depth technical training courses, which are regularly updated in response to feedback and changes to the AWS platform. The 3-day class is primarily aimed at data scientists, analysts, solutions architects, and anybody else who wants to use AWS to handle their big data workloads. The course teaches on how to leverage Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB and the rest of the AWS big data platform (as well as several popular third-party tools) to get useful answers from your data at a speed and cost that suits your needs.

Al Nadeem being one of the partners had the opportunity to have the course hosted at Al Nadeem office. Tom Woodyer , Enablement Instructor at Amazon Web Services conducted the course. “The course taught us on how the tools on AWS can help us progress and move as per the trends in the market. It was an eye opener to the various and amazing services that was provided on AWS and how we can utilize in our client servicing industry. This will surely make the work efficient and will add value” said Mr. Sreeju the IT head at Al Nadeem IT.

We encourage our customers to be move to the cloud and assure that we have the right skill sets and experience to provide support to our clients through their journey to cloud.