01 Apr, 2019
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Al Nadeem’s Women attended the Breakfast meet with TERESA CARLSON – The Vice president for Amazon Web services Worldwide  public sector business.  “It was an honor to have met with such an amazing personality, the meet gave us insights on how women need to step forward in the professional world and how to Balance work and Family life” –mentioned the Business community manager Ms. Noof. The event Focused mainly on AWS on boarding women to utilize the services of AWS and progress their business by moving with the latest technological trends. It shed light on Start Up’s and SME’s benefits on cloud.  Al Nadeem Management will continue participating and training the staff on AWS as it sees that the future lies on the cloud.  


AWS provides  training courses online and conducts workshop at their Arcapita office –Bahrain.  Amazon Web Services mission is to make the customers understand the advantages of moving onto cloud and how in an efficient  and timely manner the transition can be  carried out with less cost. Al Nadeem’s experts are always on the go to provide more information on the cloud services to its clients.